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This section is for books written by hunters or clients associated with Bubye Valley Conservancy.

Mazunga Safaris

Title: “Cut to the Chase”

Author: Pete Fick

Description:  Zimbabwe is one of Africa’s major big game hunting destinations and Pete Fick is one of Zimbabwe’s best known, most respected professional hunters. You can hardly think of a major area in that country where Pick Fick has not hunted professionally or worked on problem animal control and culling. The phrase “cut to the chase” originated with the silent film industry as a direction to film editors when wanting to move quickly from obligatory sequences to more exciting chase scenes or final acts. Along the way it came to mean: focus on what is important, get to the point and, later on, to pursue with intent to capture or kill. In the big game hunting industry it is a familiar phrase.

As you will learn, Pete Fick is a Professional Hunter who believes in the philosophy of cut to the chase. As a young man he was influenced by the riveting stories of his Uncle Willem, some of which are included here. After school he joined the Parks Department where he became proficient at culling elephant. The stories he relates about this part of his big game hunting career are fascinating. It is interesting to note how culling and hunting have their own different rules of engagement. During his time with the Game Dept. He shot over “1,000  elephants” plus many buffalo, lions and leopards. He had more than his share of charging elephants, as well as mishaps when the professionals culling charging elephants sometimes got their signals crossed. Exciting stuff, indeed. However, after a while he became disillusioned with politics and government red tape. His Parks days came to an end when he decided to become a professional hunter.

Title: “A Short Safari Adventure Among Africa’s Thorny Bushveld Wildlife: Hunting, Ecosystem Challenges and Wildlife Restorancy.”

Author:  Bruce W. Lytle MD, Lars G. Svensson MD PhD

Description:  This book is a must for anyone traveling to Africa or planning to go on a Southern African Safari, and if your going on safari you need to bring only one book “A short safari adventure among Africa’s thorny Bushveld wildlife: Part One – History guide, life’s imperatives, enigmas and travel”

This book is about a safari adventure to Southern Africa, and is as rich in its history, including Zulu, ANC, Nelson Mandela and technical data as it is in its unusually unique extraordinary photography (over 400 of Lars’ outdoor adventure photographs) that the authors have provided along with this wonderful adventure primarily illustrating how ancient San Bushman like hunter-gatherer attitudes influence mankind today and secondly how the global issues of land degradation, water resources, climate, struggles of third world countries, protein shortage, disease, biodiversity, and struggles of conservation affect us, and finally to show that conservation is no longer sufficient for both the survival of wildlife but also Mankind, because in many “conservation” areas wild animals are disappearing and we need animals biodiversity to survive dietary strains as the human population peaks at the end of the 21st century rather than just conservation.

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Title: “A Short Safari Adventure Among Africa’s Thorny Bushveld Wildlife: Hunting, Ecosystem Challenges and Wildlife Restorancy.”

Author: Bruce W. Lytle MD, Lars G. Svensson MD PhD

Description:  A short safari adventure among Africa’s thorny Bushveld wildlife: Part Two – Hunting, Ecosystem Challenges, Wildlife Restorancy.” This is the second book in the series of true African travel and adventure safari that passionately deals with sensitive environmental, past political and wildlife management issues that face Africa today.

Retired Zimbabwean PH turned author Kevin Thomas spent many years periodically guiding safaris on the BVC, without doubt his favourite hunting venue. During the early 1990s, and in between guiding safaris, he started writing hunting stories for Zimbabwe’s Africa Hunting magazine. In time he became a regular monthly contributor to one of South Africa’s premium hunting magazines, SA Magnum. He has also had articles published in the US in Successful Hunter and he still writes regularly for Sporting Rifle magazine in the UK. In 2008 he had his semi-autobiography Shadows in an African Twilight published, a 710-page tome which received excellent reviews. His second book Tracking the Memory with a foreword by popular American hunting writer and author John Barsness, was published in 2011. His third book The Hunting Game with a foreword by Gregor Woods, well-known SA Magnum hunting editor and author of Rifles for Africa, was published in 2015. His fourth book There’s Something About Buffalo (with contributing writers) is about to be published (2018). The BVC has always featured strongly in Kevin’s hunting stories and he ensures that in his writing its wise and sustained yield conservation practises, based on sound scientific management policies, coupled to high standards of service delivery, get adequate exposure. Whilst his books are specifically directed towards the ethical sport-hunting fraternity, they also make for light entertaining and at times exciting campfire reading. Kevin’s books can be found on his website at


Title: Facing Down Fear
Author: John Sharp

FACING DOWN FEAR touches briefly on my unsettled youth, and how I finally found and began to live a dream.  My story ambles from the Orange Free State to Cape Town in South Africa, to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and East Africa, experiencing bush life in a wide circle through Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia and Botswana, before finally settling back in Zimbabwe.

These are campfire tales of a few of my adventures along the way, and the people – and dogs – who have travelled with me; stories of a loner, who was able to come and go as the wind called, woven into the tapestry of a life well lived.

I hope that in this memoir I have been able to share what I have learnt; that facing down fear – of danger, of pain, of harm, of loss – can lead to a rich and rewarding life.  I hope too that I have shared my love for Africa, its spectacular wild places and its beautiful wildlife – an Africa that I pray we will be able to preserve for future generations.

This has been a labour of love, and I hope you will enjoy your walk with me.

There is a soft cover version at $60 and a limited edition hard cover, in a hard sleeve, numbered and signed at $250.

If you would like to get a copy, please e-mail John on